delreyvevo asked:
"omg how does it feel to be a big brother king?"


My response Delrey:


Remember when Helen told Aaryn “you are Janelle now! You are the new Janelle!!!”

Lol ok

And so, Big Brother: It’s What The House Wants season has finally come to an end.

And, all I have is 3 words: Thank you, Elissa.

i still cannot believe people like the exterminators are walking around that house

like how dare you

people like janelle pierzina have walked those grounds and you soiled them for like 80 days now

The year is 2052…


Person: Yes, this is my daughter. Her name is Elissa-

Me: Too soon.

When BB15 ends…


  • Elissa will find out how much we all love her
  • Nick will probably get a restraining order against GM
  • Judd will probably be the new mayor of his town
  • Jessie will probably receive 50 job offers
  • Candice will teach Judd how to speak proper English
  • Jeremy and Kaitlin will probably get married
  • David should probably retake his 6th grade spelling test
  • Spencer will get the key
  • McCrae will probably move to China
  • Amanda will tell him it doesn’t make sense
  • Andy will legally change his name to Rat
  • Aaryn will probably be banned from Texas
  • It’s too soon to talk about Helen. It’s not what the house wants. Maybe next week


can the jury members please vote julie chen as winner because i mean she’s been on big brother for 15 fucking seasons and still hasnt won once


some random reaction gifs (●´∀`●)

Things the Exterimators exterminated


  • A fan-favourite
  • Their chances of getting AFP (*ahem* Judd)
  • Their morals
  • CBS ratings
  • Faith in humanity